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i guess it would be a personality trait to always be looking forward to the next challenge. i have been at my job for around 10 months but have been trying to build my base of knowledge in order to move to the next level. and i really believe i am not the type of person who wants the next level because of the so called prestige. i really want to be challenged to learn and respond in new ways. the only way to see what you have inside is to be presented with a challenge. i think of the things i am most proud of in life and all have involved some serious challenges of one sort or another.

this being written, i do my best to achieve and succeed with no ill effect towards others. i refuse to step on someone to make myself look better. really, i believe the more you credit other people the better. karma is a big thing in life and i see people treat others unfairly every day. and while i do not treat people in a disrespectful manner i refuse to let people treat me in any other way but with respect. i am the first one to admit a mistake and move on to a solution. seeing people try to blame others for their obvious errors is somewhat sad and often time infuriating.

as i garner more responsibilities, and hence have more people reporting directly and indirectly to me, i am making a concerted point to always treat people with respect and honesty. that more people do not work and live like this amazes me on a daily basis.

[5/23/2001 3:08:38 PM
I am glad I went to NYC because now I know what I will not miss any longer. I have been to some nice, fun cities. San Francisco and Boston come to mind. I have even lived in a 'big' city, Barcelona. There was just not much about New York I enjoyed. The constant throng of people was both strange and crushing. I can see why everyone is so tense. You have to watch your every step so you don't get run over or run over someone else.

Don't get me wrong, I know the museums and diversity of cultures is wonderful. I simply did not enjoy the setting. As nice as it is for some, it is simply not for me. Put me back into my nice suburban setting where I can work in my yard and on my house with my wife and two boys. I am completely content in the fact I know this is as adverse to some as New York was to me. Thank god for diversity!

[5/22/2001 11:23:56 AM
And upon returning from our trek to NYC our two guys, along with my wife's Mom and step Dad, were there to greet us. Easily the best feeling I have had in the past year, seeing those two! They just wanted to hug and kiss us for about five minutes. There we were in the middle of the airport, after not seeing them for around three days, in a family group hug. I didn't even realize we were standing right in the middle of a walkway. One of those moments where everything around me faded away and I could only see my family. Ahhh, good to be home!!

NYC was another story I would like to save for later. I fear I may be harsh if I do it now. Right now, it ranks low on the list of cities I have visited. Maybe time will raise its' status (probably not).

[5/17/2001 1:00:51 PM
I have grown up a traveling person. My dad is a pilot so it was not as if I had all this free time and free money. Just one of the fringe benefits along with having your Dad around more than usual. Pilots, contrary to public opinion, have tons of time off. But I digress. We are traveling this weekend to NYC to see my best friend from college. This will be the first time my wife, Ashli, and I have had the chance to travel together solo in more than four years! I guess having two kids in those four years can have that affect. I am looking forward to everything about this trip with the major exception of the time away from my two guys. All of my thoughts go through the kid filter now. And their well-being means more to me than any imagination. My wife or myself has been with them for every night, with the exception of one or two nights, their whole lives. They are in the best of hands, Grandparents, my brother and sister-in-law, but that is still a far cry from being with us. Listen to me, I am only going to be gone a few days and I talk like I am leaving for a month!! I am sure good times will be had by all.

[5/14/2001 4:15:46 PM
Mortality is a scary thing if you think about it enough!

por escrito crabtree on Thursday, July 26, 2001

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