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i was waiting to pull out of the office park(a bad association of words)and a SUV has the turn signal on to go in where i am coming out. he has the right turn signal on and i am going left so i pull out. he proceeds to pass me and become irate. i motion to his turn signal and he wants me to pull into a parking lot. i do because i have this need to tell him his turn signal was on. i think he was surprised i pulled over. he comes busting out his truck yelling mf this and don't pull it in front of him, blah, blah, blah. i tell him he had his turn signal on and he yells something else and then turns around and gets back in his truck.

for a few moments i thought i was going to have to fight this guy. he wore a tight shirt to show off his moderately big arms but he wasn't so much i didn't think i could make a good showing if need be. one thing i was thinking about was my lack of shoes. i wore sandles to work and they were in the back seat as i was driving home. they would not have been much good anyhow. slip ons and all.

and then i thought about fighting in general. i have been in a few fights in my life. i sent one person to an emergency room. i am no bruiser but am strong and quick for my 5'10" 180 pounds of body. i must say now that i don't like to fight and will only under certain dire circumstances. my family or i would have to be threatened in some way. i am a very calm person by nature but seem to lose it a bit when i am put in those situations. actually hitting another person is the last option for me. however, if i do have to fight i do to win. i have not continued to pummel a person after it is obvious the guy does not want to continue. the aformentioned emergency room incident could have been much worse but i did not have it in me to continue hitting the guy after a punch opened up his eyebrow enought for stitches. and i am very happy i don't have that trait in me. funny how doing the right thing applies to both the reason for the fight and the fight ettiquette.

another funny thing is i don't think my wife thinks i will fight if provoked even though she was around when the fight above occurred. funny how that works but it kind of feels weird that the person who knows me best does not think i will throw down if necessary. i guess the important thing is i know i will!

por escrito crabtree on Tuesday, August 07, 2001

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