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we moved into our house around three years ago and have been working at a steady clip since then on making it ours. we have painted every room, put up a new fence, completely redone the landscaping but always feel like there is more to do.

the kitchen cabinets are the originals, 40+ years old, and we have the replacements we want in mind. currently, we are in the hardest part for me, the waiting for the funds to build up to have the cabinets made.

this winter will be the the replacement of all the doors, with six panel doors, and their accompanying hardware. everything will be silver upon completion.

houses like this are funny because it is such a reflection of who you are, if you want it to be. i believe what a person puts in their home reflects on their personality and what they enjoy in life. personally, i love to work around the house so this is a labor of love. check back when i discover how much the basement will cost to get a leak fixed.

por escrito crabtree on Wednesday, August 15, 2001

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