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You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

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This has to be some kind of record. Two a row!!

Fourth of July week and weekend coming up is always good times. The clan heads to Lake Thunderhead(if you know where this is I am absolutely impressed and dumbfounded)for a week of fun in the Sun and in the Water.

It is funny but when times are stressful in the work related world I remember a line from a movie where this sage of an old man say something like 'things will work out, they usually do.' I understand urgency and the need to perform to expectations but I don't understand people freaking out when they encounter a bump in the road. Take it for what it is worth in the big scheme of life. In other words we'll do the best we can and live with the results. The thing is when most people do the best they can the results are usually great. Besides, how many things in life are truly appreciated without putting a ton of work in(ed. note-no question mark to make rhetorical).

I have seen greed in my day but not so closely as in the past few months. How much money does a person need to be comfortable? And I am not talking about being able to pay the bills. I am talking about having 3 houses vs. having 3 estates. It just blows me away to think someone so greedy they take the whole pie and not share with all the people who helped them make it. I am talking about having 20 million vs. having 35 million. Hard to comprehend!

por escrito crabtree on Friday, June 28, 2002

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