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So we had our "staff reductions" and the feeling around is here is about what you would expect. I find myself wanting to work for the smallish, kick ass and take names kind of place this was back when I started at this hullabaloo (I wonder if I am the only one who opens an email and types words to check the spelling and, sometimes, to see if it indeed a word at all, hmm?)! The company has let people go before but with most of those people it was more like, yeah I can see why the person was let go. But this latest round resulted in a few talented people losing their jobs. Makes everyone feel vulnerable and creates an unstable work atmosphere. Never a good feeling.

Now, what do I focus on for the next year? I continue to work hard at this job but also need to keep other opportunities in mind. I still have a yearning to have something of my own but the fear, of failure mostly, holds me back. Failure more in the sense of how this would affect the relative comfort of my family. Personally, I don't mind taking a risk here and there but when the chitlins and my babyhoneysugarpiesweety are in the picture the stakes are so much higher.

por escrito crabtree on Tuesday, January 14, 2003

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