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I have to let it be known there is a shadow removed from the general spirit. alas, our kitty came home!! She is now hiding under our bed, skinny and tired. awesome to have her back. even though we have a full house it felt a little emptier without her understated presence. I just missed seeing her in her usual spots. rad!

for some reason I am feeling the need to look for a new house. can't really say why but for some reason it just feels right to begin the search. it may end up just that, a search, but I want to see what is out there. I am not sure why this feeling has come on me but who am I to ignore the mo when it swings? I guess this puts a hold on the cabinets for now.

off to Seattle on business which reminds me I need to find the address of the EAS headquarters so I can buy some more shit I don't need but looks like it might be useful running trails or just looks cool. I look outdoorsier than I am b/ I like the gear. don't get me wrong, I do a lot of outdoor activities but I am no week long camper to the chagrin of my babyhoneysugarpie.

por escrito crabtree on Monday, March 17, 2003

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