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You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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just when I was reveling in my lack of travel I get this, 'we need you to come to LA for meetings on Thursday and Friday and then Chicago on Tuesday.' Say what...

for anyone who thinks traveling on business sounds like it is fun reserve judgment until you actually travel on business. some people may, indeed, actually enjoy traveling on business and the cities are fun and exciting and it's great to see old friends and the weather is nicer, blah blah blah... Do I need to tell you that is not me? Traveling is working away from the comforts of home and although I am ok with it here and there, part of my job and I understand, but lately it is OOC(out of control if your not down wit it, yo). in the past two months, LA, LV, Sarasota(vacation), Seattle, NY. I know I am a whiner and am sure some have to travel way more than me and do not choose to complain. ok, then, I’ll stop. Thanks for the pep talk!

March madness is the best sporting event of the year. Rock Chalk!!

por escrito crabtree on Friday, March 21, 2003

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