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well, let's see, what to write about today. what does the audience, a.k.a. me, yearn to hear about on a kick-ass, Sunny 55 degree day? what gives me a hop in my step for the weekend:

golf outing with my last true stoner friend, always high times!.....

the cabinet man giving us plans to put an island in our kitchen.....

hanging with my best friend, who is my wife, and my kids at the Park and the ensuing pizza luncheon after play time.....

kids napping mom and dad not napping, wink, wink.....

watching KU vs. MU on Sunday.....

you know, you could probably get more out of my life from the things above more than any other entry I have submitted in the life of this blog. kind of opens up my eyes to something. if you make an entry everyday you almost have to open up to your personal life for the material.

por escrito crabtree on Friday, March 07, 2003

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