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when I get bored, I spend money. I shop, at stores on the Internet, you know, wherever. I don't spend a lot of money hardly ever going over $50 unless I am in the market for something. and this last weekend I completely convinced myself I needed a new, color PDA. I have a PDA, you see, but it is most definitely not color. Ahh, you say, you didn't know it was not color and having one with color is essential in every way for a PDA, ha! I bought it used on ebay and have justified it's over $50 expense by designating it my birthday present one month early. make perfect sense!

my honeypiesugarlove tells me no matter how much shit I buy I am not going to fill up the hole and she is dead on. don't worry, my faithful readers, I am not off kilter, I don't have a huge hole just a little one requiring an occasional purchase. sometimes I go months without a purchase but mostly I do not. oh yeah, I also got a new mobile phone with a pretty color display and the ability to say 'jackass' and it dial one of my friends. highly important features (see color PDA above).

por escrito crabtree on Tuesday, April 15, 2003

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