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Officially starting the weight room work outs again. I run and play b-ball, on the hard courts biatch, at least twice a week during the Summer but inevitably the other workouts are shunned like (insert your own witty simile here). And I am ok with the shunning because it becomes just the opposite in the doldrums of Winter. I really have a tough time finding the daylight to run during the Winter, plus it is ass cold on most days. Come to think of it, I am going to try to buck up this Winter and get out at least once a week for run. Oh, I should have mentioned this sooner, I trail run so running the dark can be a bit tricky not to mention Blair Witch scary. As the days get shorter, though, the Geese going South in me begins to feel the need to work out. And since we have a workout room in our house, the excuses not to workout run pretty thin. Here we go, then. Soreness, the good you have been doing something kind, will be sitting on me the next week or two and I look forward to my old friend.

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por escrito crabtree on Thursday, August 28, 2003

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