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I find it hard to believe I have not updated this in around two weeks. I mean, time flies when you buried with work and home....I mean fun. Our CEO sent me an email today with congratulations on my third year anniversary. When I get stuff like that, on one hand I think it is cool and on the other he probably does it for everyone.

here's the thing with people who are high up in organizations, I don't treat them or talk to them or interact with them any differently than any other person I deal with on a daily basis. Having traveled quite a bit as the son of a pilot I often times was put in 1st class, which rocked. I sat next to or ran into 'famous' people quite a bit and I have never asked for an autograph or attempted to strike up a conversation simply because I have no desire to do so. To me, they are another person who happen to have a job where they are seen by a very wide audience. Does that make them special? In the same sense of anyone who is particularly good at what they do. Again, does not impress me. I would find it much more interesting to sit next to someone who is extremely intelligent and pick their brain. Maybe the science dork in me, who knows. Now, if a super model sat next to me, strike everything above, ha!

por escrito crabtree on Tuesday, September 16, 2003

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