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I have been reading a couple of blogs out of the ordinary over the past few weeks. I should note out of the ordinary for me. The primary being Joi Ito ( I have found it very interesting up to this point. It may have something to do with the nature of his blog and the topics he covers. I especially enjoyed a post on the by product effects of technological advances. Before I try to fool myself into thinking of some uber explanation of what it is he is attempting to accomplish, I'll refrain and simply enjoy. I would be remiss if I did not mention the contributors to his writings. The debates make up the content I find most entertaining and interesting.

One other subject I wanted to briefly hit on. Most of the authors of the blogs I read are not big supporters of the current administration, with some flat out belligerent. I give respect to the one who seems to be full of the most venom because he does invite the reader to disagree with his opinions. I attempt not to pigeon hole myself into a party or category. The line between the two parties becomes increasingly blurry depending on the aggregate of many individual positions. I found it interesting taking an online survey asking a handful of questions on certain issues. The answers to these questions were used to choose a candidate based on their positions. I came to Bush but a Democrat was an extremely close second.

To way oversimplify:

Money-Moderate(taxes are ok but I want to see my tax money helping others to become independent, and thus, gain self respect)
Morals-Moderate(marriage is an institution, take it seriously and live up to your vows)
Iraqi War(Iraqi people interviewed before the War, here and abroad, were in total support of this to get rid of a murderer who had terrorized the population for 20+ years. It seems to me the people in protest were in protest based on America unilaterally deciding these actions and I agree to a point but any reason to rid the World of someone like this and set a population free from tyranny is ok with me. I do not think Bush has any intention of continuing the effort into Iran or South Korea but it does put murderous dictators and regimes on notice).

I am an independent and think the far right is every bit as wacked out as the far left. I fall in the middle with an inclination to the right but only by a whisker.

por escrito crabtree on Friday, January 16, 2004

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