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Waiting in line, about 5 people back, at the local Starbuck's(I hope someone observes the play on the last four words) and I observe something very cool indeed. A little man dressed in his tweed blazer and impeccable loafers jumps to the front of the line to pay for someone's drink. I was a little fuzzy on what was happening at first but then realized he was paying for the drink of a soldier. That is some good shit! It is something I would hear or read about, but no, I was there taking it in. Afterwards, they shook hands and made a little small talk.

This transcended opinions and political viewpoints. It was a citizen thanking a soldier with a small but heartfelt gesture and it kicked ass. I admire the guy who did it because of the obvious reasons but also because he opened my eyes to something anyone could do to show appreciation for the sacrifices made, even if those sacrifices were a known part of volunteering for the job.

por escrito crabtree on Friday, August 13, 2004

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