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After a night of tasting dinner twice, once on the way down and then, with not nearly as much flavor(probably because of the stomach acids accompanying the food), on the way up I feel a sense of cleansing. I feel a sense of cleansing because this is how I rationalize the dry heaves and other exciting accompanying features of the act.

What other times do you know exactly what is in your body from consumption? Everything I had is gone and then some. From here on out it is Carte Blanc and whatever I consume is now the new foundation of nutrition in my body. Exciting times to be sure!

So far: green tea and two strawberry pop tarts. In a few minutes a low fat frozen dinner of Chicken and Almonds. It is low fat because you can eat it all with no more than four bites. Savvy. Not bad stuff but not great.

I don't track food because I don't eat much and I eat so I am not hungry, not because I enjoy the act of eating. I'll remember perhaps three more meals before it is all a distant memory and the smoke curls around the mountain leaving me to remembering the memories.....

por escrito crabtree on Monday, October 11, 2004

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