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I am taken aback by the vitriol many bloggers are spewing about the election. I would have been disappointed if W. hadn't won but I never would write some of the incredibly disparaging remarks I have seen today in the blog world. And if JK had won I would support the office, if not the man. It is great to disagree and it only makes the dialogue stronger and us better and more diversified as a Nation. Is it so hard to disagree without being a total asshole though?

A friend of mine and I have different views on this election. I am happy to report he is still my friend and I still think he is a good person. I know, crazy to fathom! Plus, he owes me a dinner with an 8 drink maximum. And the conversation during the dinner will be about books, family and adventures. Common ground people, common ground.

por escrito crabtree on Wednesday, November 03, 2004

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