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Bloglines My Feeds(from BuzzMachine): "'We are trying to bridge the gap between Iraq and the world,' Omar said. 'Iraqis are grateful for what Amreica did. Iraqis are grateful for the liberation of Iraq... They feel like they are not alone in their struggle.'
Mohamed said that his countrymen 'had lived in the dark for 35 years.' With their blog, he said, they get to 'show the world a different story that they cannot see in the media.'
He added: 'I am free and I am enjoying my freedom.'
As I said, they grasp freedom with a enthusiasm that can only be admired. "

Iraqi citizens giving their take on the liberation of Iraq and the role of America and Americans. I am not naive enough to think all of our soldiers are fair and just in their dealings with the Iraqi people. The variables they encounter every day influencing their behavior is not something I think anyone could imagine. However, I maintain the citizens of Iraq are willing to go through this transition to enjoy freedom. After 35 years of living in fear of torture and death on the whims of a despicable regime, the price they are paying now probably seems small in comparison.

por escrito crabtree on Friday, December 10, 2004

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